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Tonya Topel

Solar Energy

Tonya Topel works tirelessly to save the environment, although it might not be in the most traditional sense. Her desire to create a healthier environment for not only herself and her children but for her future grandchildren and generations to come inspired Topel to become interested in renewable energy. To do so, she joined a company with similar values and goals, which they continue to accomplish by implementing renewable energy sources into homes and businesses.

Topel began working with SunSource Homes, which specializes in Solar Panel Systems, Net Zero Home Building, and Energy Storage, after taking some time to soul search and find her real passion.  Now, Topel is privileged to spend her days helping clients do their part of creating clean energy in their homes and businesses and witness the joy on their faces in the process. She considers clients’ enthusiasm for the change to be the best part of her job and makes going to work rewarding and encouraging.

With ten years in the natural gas and oil pipeline industries, Topel is experienced and knowledgeable regarding energy and how to best set up an efficient and environmentally-friendly home. Solar energy and net-zero homes allow people to do just that by utilizing available resources and converting them into energy forms that are accessible and easy to use, and very easy to maintain.

While converting to solar energy is not without its challenges – clients often fear the process is too expensive, which isn’t true at all – the rewards outweigh the initial costs by far. Multiple financing options allow clients to invest in solar energy without dipping into their savings accounts. The truth is, most of the time the financing payments are equal or less than what clients currently pay to the utility companies right now.  The average return on investment is just five to seven years, helping the homeowner to save on average $50,000 only by switching to solar power.

Using renewable energy such as solar power not only drastically reduces electric bills, but also increase home value, and help protect the environment, as well as help protect against rising energy costs.

Topel considers her work not only a responsibility to the global community but an honor, as well, to partake in keeping the earth healthy, one home at a time. She looks forward to continuing to see the industry grow and for solar energy to make a lasting impact in the United States and abroad.